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Module 9

I occasionally utilise the resources available on Scootle but to be totally honest, I find that it is extremely tedious to even access Scootle.  It actually deters me from utilising it more.  Hopefully, the introduction of ICON will rectify this?  Besides these issues, I believe that Scootle has some great resources.  I do like the idea of reading other teachers’ comments on various resources.  Their comments along with ratings can help me decide whether the resource is appropriate and relevant for the needs of my students.

I appreciated the definitions of “social networking sites” and “online learning community sites”.  The definitions helped me to differentiate between these two similar concepts.

As a personal Facebook user, I found the video “The World is Obsessed with Facebook” to be very interesting and have embedded it below.  I would never consider the use of Facebook in the classroom though I think there are a lot of lessons to be learnt from it (e.g. cyberbullying, digital footprint).  Our school recently had a visit from ACMA and their Cybersafety seminars were fantastic!  The notion of one’s digital footprint is mind-boggling.  I think this is an important area to cover with our tech-savvy students.

On the other hand, I think Twitter could so easily be used within the classroom.  Even if it was just a means to communicate the events of the classroom to parents.  I am looking forward to a webinar about Twitter which I will be participating in next week.  I am hopeful that this will give me more ideas about how to introduce and utilise Twitter in the classroom.

I truly feel that the instantaneous nature of Twitter could be extremely useful in the classroom.  I hope to post more about Twitter in the near future.  Please feel free to check out my own professional Twitter feed.  It is embedded in the blog in the Widget Bar on the right.

Module 7

I’ve noticed that many social networks are set up in a very similar way.  Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Link-in and Delicious have several things in common.

Each of these social networking sites encourage social networking (duh!) but using a different label – i.e. followers, friends, fans, connections etc.  Information is shared via posts, status updates, tweets, pins etc.  These sites really do foster the building of online communities.

I like the idea of social bookmarking.  Especially as a teacher, Delicious would be very useful to easily find links and resources for various subjects.  The tagging function is GREAT and just makes it all that much easier to locate and retrieve great websites for use in the classroom.

I completed this module at school and initially found it difficult to get Delicious on to the toolbar, though I FINALLY worked it out.  At present, I have many great links organised in a Microsoft Word document.  I would like to add these to Delicious so that I can share them with my colleagues.

I found it difficult to search for friends on Delicious, however I did manage to follow some other educators. I might have to find friends by signing into Twitter or Google+.

I have finally had a chance to log on to some other participants’ blogs.  It’s affirming to know that many share my thoughts on the various modules and have had similar experiences and difficulties.  It’s nice knowing that I’m not the only one!