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Module 10

Wikis are collaborative websites, similar to the process of Google Docs, where a variety of users can add and edit information.

Nings provide a place to share information for members of online communities.  There are opportunities to discuss and share ideas using forums.  I think many of us would have been a part of an online community at one time or another.  I didn’t realise that this websites were called Nings.  I assume that Google+ Communities would be considered Nings?  These have members and forums.  Though there isn’t really a place to edit information.  Perhaps not?

It looks as though Google Sites offers a combination of Wikis and Nings.   Google Sites has the ability to determine who can visit and edit your website.  This is handy for classroom teachers, especially in this day and age when lots of parents fret about the privacy of students.  Google Sites enables you to create your own website and in terms of creating and editing the website, I feel that my knowledge of Global 2 will help me.  It seems fairly simple in that you can edit it like a Word document as long as you have the little toolbar.  I’m sure as one becomes more familiar with the product, you would be able to learn how to make the website more visually appealing for your audience.

I really like the idea of building a virtual learning community and feel that I have already done that through my Class Blog.  In many ways, working on the Google Site reminded me of Global 2.  However it is great to try alternative ways of doing this.  Therefore I did have a go at creating my own Google Site.  It is still in its early stages and I hope to develop it further, perhaps in consultation with the Change 2 Team who are driving the initiative.

You can visit my site here:

I chose to create a site about Feedback as this is a topic that is currently being developed at my school.  We are in the process of developing a common understanding of feedback as well as creating and sharing our own tools to help give and receive feedback between a variety of stakeholders at our school (i.e. staff, students and parents).