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Module 4

Animoto is a great photo and video editing website.  It is similar to PhotoPeach.  I have used both websites and both have advantages and disadvantages.  Animoto’s style and visual effects are superior to PhotoPeach.  Both are free.  However, it feels like Animoto pressures users to upgrade more so than PhotoPeach.  Both are limited in different ways.  You can add up until 30 images into PhotoPeach and then change the speed according to the feel of the show.   In terms of my class blog, I have been using PhotoPeach more this year and therefore, haven’t used Animoto in a little while.

I did have a little play with Animoto.  Here is the short video I created.  Don’t get too excited!  It just has a few images that put a smile on my face…

Web 2.0 Module 4 Activity


As an iPhone enthusiast, I regularly use iTunes and am a subscriber to Hamish and Andy’s podcasts.
I haven’t really used podcasts in the classroom before.  I think I might start by using Storynory as an option for students during their Independent Reading time.  The Storynory website looks like fun for kids.  I think the students will enjoy their stories. They often choose the Audio Books I have available in the classroom.

Last term, students had an opportunity to create a Digital Photo Story.  During our exploration and research of various cultures, students used Windows Movie Maker to put together images and a narration.  Our finished products were uploaded to Vimeo and then embedded onto our Class Blog.  You can take a look here.  The videos are password protected.  However, if you would like to watch these videos, please subscribe to either this or the 3/4JP blog and you will be given the password.