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Module 5

This module presents great online alternatives to tools already used in the classroom.

I already use with the students.  They are presently using to create a flowchart of Jesus’ life.  Here is a mindmap we created about the Respiratory System:

I can understand how some people may get frustrated with  In terms of manipulation and ease of use, it is much more complex than other mindmapping software such as 2Connect or Kidspiration.  In my opinion, Kidspiration is the best mindmapping tool for students.  However, it is a software program and therefore does not allow the same online collaboration opportunities as

Again, I reiterate that BEFORE educators select relevant and purposeful learning experiences to use in our classrooms, we MUST be extremely clear about the purpose and intended learning outcomes of the task.  Ultimately, all these programs are merely the tools for learning. There is still value in a pen and paper mindmap or a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

I signed up to Glogster and like the concept. However, I found it a little difficult to navigate through the website. I will need to go back to this and have more of a play.

I really like Prezi. I had a go at creating a Prezi by using some key ideas from a slideshow about Assessment in Religious Education that I once created for a uni course. You can view it here: