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Module 6

Picasa looks like a great way to store photos and videos in a ‘cloud’.  It also supports the online collaboration and sharing of photos and videos which further reinforces the overarching theme of the Web 2.0 Course.

The website and application are fairly easy to navigate and manage.  I like the collage function.

However, for some reason, Picasa did not appeal to me.  Unlike every other web 2.0 tool we have explored through the course, I failed to see the classroom application for Picasa.  I don’t know what more Picasa can offer to that of Microsoft Office Picture Manager.  I guess the only difference is the online sharing capabilities.

This module reminded me that though there are so many great web 2.0 tools currently available, I can’t possibly use them all.  It’s overwhelming!

Also, I am extremely cautious when it comes to photos being shared on the internet.  There is already grave concerns about the cybersafety of our students.  Sharing a multitude of photos will impact on students’ digital footprints.  I realise there are privacy settings to combat this but it still feels like a sensitive issue.

The information regarding Copyright was very interesting.  Most of the information seems like common sense, though it’s handy to know that the information is all there and recording quite explicitly.