New Year… New Opportunities

Happy New Year!!!

I can’t believe how quickly 2014 disappeared before our eyes!

2014 was a BIG year!  There were many highlights, both professionally and personally.  I am particularly proud of the introduction of Maths Workshops in my classroom, which I believe to be successful, however hope to further develop and refine in 2015.  I was inspired by many Professional Learning opportunities, particularly my attendance at the GAFE Summit in September 2014.  Unfortunately, I never got a chance to post anything about it on this blog but in 2015, I hope to share some of the great things I have learnt and am trying to implement in my classroom, such as Google Classroom, the use of Google Forms for assessment and Genius Hour.

Of course, there are challenges and goals from 2014 that I hope to continue to improve and refine.  In 2015, I hope to focus on the following:

  • Introduction of Writing Workshops – following the model of Maths Workshops
  • Feedback – getting better at giving students feedback about their learning but also having students give each other feedback and using self-assessment tools such as Capacity Matrices
  • Development of Genius Hour – continuing to allow students an opportunity to explore and research their own interests
  • Sharing – improving my use of ICT and social media platforms to share my teaching practices, such as Pinterest and Twitter


With each new year, we are faced with new opportunities, new goals and new challenges.

Here’s hoping your year is filled with lots of love, laughter and learning!!!


What are your goals for 2015?

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