I’m back!

WOW!  As they say… Time flies when you’re having fun!  🙂

Well, this year has just flown!  My initial intentions were to regularly reflect on my practice and to add a new post every week or fortnight.  Obviously, things have not gone to plan!  I’m sure fellow teachers will know all too well, the hustle and bustle of everyday school life!  Between preparing for lessons, planning for the following week, correcting books, putting up/taking down displays, forward planning of units, analysis of assessment and actually teaching, there’s little time for much else!

In reality, I have had many opportunities for reflection on my practice.  Our school has had a focus on Feedback and earlier in the term, we worked with the great Chris Daicos in establishing SMART goals for ourselves and giving and receiving feedback from our colleagues.

I am fortunate to have such like-minded colleagues in my Professional Learning Team, and it is here where my self-reflective nature can be nurtured and supported.  I believe that we are very reflective and analytical of our students’ progress.  We continually evaluate our units, resources and lessons, to ensure that our practice improves.

As is evident, my goal is to improve my use of this blog.  I believe that sharing my thoughts and reflections on this global platform will help me to reinforce the strengths and challenges of my own practice.  But also, in the spirit of collaboration, I hope that my reflections may be useful to others, in some way.


J Palermo

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