Happy New Year!

Wow! It seems that the holidays have flown by once more and a new school year is upon us!  What an exciting time!  A new class of students…  New hopes…  New challenges…  New stationery…

I always have such mixed emotions at the start of a new school year.

I love feeling fresh and relaxed, ready to conquer a new year.  In contrast to the sheer exhaustion from the end of the year, it is a welcome change.

I am enthused by the chance to reflect on the year passed and to make new goals, adapt existing strategies and tools, and to look forward to new experiences and ventures.

I miss my old class.  For the first few weeks, I always mourn the class of the previous year.  The students I had cared for and grown to know so well.  They knew what I expected and they knew what to expect from me.

I am slightly anxious about the challenges ahead.  Will I be able to do enough for these students?  Will I be able to bring something new to the table?  Can I keep my teaching fresh and engaging?

I wonder if others feel this way.


I am excited and curious about what 2014 will bring.  As a school, we will continue to explore Personalised Learning, Feedback, Learning Intentions and Success Criteria.  I hope to further consolidate my knowledge and skills in all these areas.  My aim is to share my reflections, questions and strategies through this blog.

I also hope to introduce more explicit teaching into my Mathematics lessons and am keen to set up daily Maths Workshops.  Stay tuned!


What are you hoping to work on in 2014?



J Palermo

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