Module 2

This year, I have made a conscious effort to learn more about the world of blogging.  Fortunately, blogging has been a PD priority at my school and therefore we have had time with Rita (ICON Coach) to set up class blogs and explore the endless possibilities of Global 2.  I feel that these PD opportunities, as well as the support of Karen, our ICT Leader, have helped me to become a more competent blogger.

The students have really taken to our class blog (http://34jp.global2.vic.edu.au) and I have tried to integrate its use into our everyday learning rather than blogging being just an additional thing to do.

I have long been wanting to create my own personal blog and I am glad that Module 2 has got me started on this.  Through the activities in Module 2, I have explored a few different blogs.  As I have been a regular user of Global 2 blogs, I purposely explored the blogs of those who used Google Blogger.  I feel that Global 2 has more to offer visually and therefore decided to go ahead with a Global 2 blog for my personal blog.  I have purposely chosen a different theme to that of the class blog, in hopes that I will learn more about Global 2 through exploration as I spend some time making the blog ‘pretty’.

I also completed the optional activity of Module 2 and have created a Twitter account.  I already have a personal Twitter account, however I thought it best to create a separate ‘professional’ Twitter account, especially if I begin to use it within the classroom.

The videos mentioned that Twitter can be a source of great ideas for the classroom.  This is true and I have found great links beforehand through my personal account, such as a great article about 100 ways to use iPads in the classroom.  The second video described ways to have the students using Twitter.  This sounds interesting however I will need to check with Karen whether we are able to do this at school.

I have included a link to my Twitter feed, which you should be able to see at the top right hand corner of the page.  I would like to find out how I can embed my Twitter feed into the blog so that my tweets are visible on the home page of my blog.

J Palermo

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Like you I find the Global 2 Blog much better as it has more features and can pretty it up. I’m still learning to use it more effectively. I’ve put a few photos of my trip overseas to communicate with my class as well as a few pictures of my students. However I’m find this is a lot of extra time taken out of school hours to do it. I’m hoping as I get more proficient at using it I will be able to use it faster.
    My class blog is http://cwilliams.global2.vic.edu.au/ I’m still learning about pages and categories and tagging as I was away just after I learnt about it and had trouble remembering what I had learnt. I also set up a professional Twitter account as I don’t want it to use my Social Facebook account. I don’t have a social Twitter account as I don’t want to spend my entire time on the computer. I’ve still need more time to explore the Google account where I want to set up the circles for Professional Learning. I have so much information about all of this going through my head I don’t know where to start. I would appreciate any tips from you that are quick and easy. Thanks Carol

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