Module 1

“We are more connected than ever…”

The main message of the videos I watched as part of Module 1 of the Web 2.0 Course seemed to be that; the way we interact has changed forever and social networking has become digitally dominant.

I am already familiar with some of the websites that are mentioned in these videos such as Twitter, Google, Blogs etc.  I feel that this course will be beneficial for me in order to learn more about various websites, apps and software that are currently trending or are ideal for application in the classroom.  Though I already use technology, I would like to integrate it further with the limited resources I have access to.

Jane Hart’s list of web resources opened my eyes to just how many tools we rely upon.  Again, I feel confident with most links listed such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, web browsers, Prezi, Skype, Audacity, Google Docs, iTunes, YouTube etc.  There are few that I would like to explore a little further such as Bubbl.us.

J Palermo

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